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Our instructors are Private Sector Employees, Business Managers, or Professional Educators and Coaches. (High School Psychology and Sociology Teacher, Varsity Basketball and Varsity Tennis Coach, etc).  

We do not have the expenses and the financial burdens that most Martial Arts "Businesses" have.

Therefore, we can offer our excellent Proven Certified Programs and Services, at a fraction of the normal cost!!!

  Our motto is..."Quality!...Not Quantity."

Who We Are and What We Offer

Our organization joined the Mid Eastern Karate Association in 1985, as Alamance Karate Studios. (Previously - AMAA-Karate International)  

We have also been a member of the Atlantic South Shukokai Union, since 1999.  This organization is dedicated to carry on the vast knowledge, traditions, and teachings of Irvin Shelton.  

Shelton Sensei began his Motobu Ha Seishinkai Karate-Do training in Japan in the late 1960's and he also studied Tani Ha Shito-Ryu Karate-Do in the US, in the 1970's.  

We offer classes in Traditional Japanese Karate, Self-Defense, Safety Awareness, Okinawan Kobudo (Weaponry), and Shiai Training!                                                 

In addition to Martial Arts Programs, we also offer Specialized Sports Specific Training, Flexibility Training, Strength and Core Training, Speed and Agility Training and Cardio Training!  

In addition to the Traditional Programs listed on our Programs Page...we also offer: Speed and Agility Training, Flexibility and Core Training,  Strength and Cardio Conditioning, and Sport Specific Fundamental Skills Training!